Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Visits

I'm almost done with all my traveling, visiting, cooking, eating, buying. I just need to get back home now and get a good night's sleep.

I'm not very good without a fast computer connection and short sleeved shirts. Funny how quickly I became accustomed to high speed and am appalled that dial-up is still around. I also don't care for this frost warning business or worrying about snow in the higher elevations.

I'm really missing my little Bella, too. I bought a small 25 lb. bag of flax seed and will start incorporating a little into her diet. Has anyone else ever fed their horse flax seed? I think I need to grind it in the coffee grinder or soak it in a little warm water.


George said...

My father-in-law has dial-up and it is S-L-O-W. The problem for me is that I am the family "computer guy" and he refuses to let me take his tower home with me so I can update it.

It doesn't get updated very often:-)

Molly said...

My problem is the son-in-law not wanting to "pay" for the DSL line. Seems like all DSL is as reasonable, if not cheaper than dial-up.