Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Chester is one of those tigers with a white bib and Nancy Sinatra white boots on his back paws. He has let me be his mother for 10+ years. We put some excitement in his life when we brought Floyd home. Floyd is a typical plain-jane tiger with very little white except right under his chin. Chester knows he is a cat, Floyd does not. Overall they are very close buddies even though their personalities are so different.

One of my last trips back to the states I brought back a water fountain for them. Chester is a very good drinker but he is also pretty picky about the water vessel. It really needs to be a topped-off cup of water right out of the faucet in the bathroom (right! faucet water in Mexico) and nice and cold. He doesn't trust this new fangled fountain at all. It hums and it worries him. He would even prefer drinking the excess water under the potted plant. Floyd on the other hand has tried this $50 cat dish a few times and is pretty unimpressed. I think he's probably using it in the middle of the night when I'm not looking.

With the weather so cool at night now it seems I have a herd of cats in bed with me. When my husband snores, I believe the cats think he is purring loudly which means, "Come on to bed." And they do. So I have 3 guys tucked up against my hot flash body and everybody is purring while I try to untuck and stick arms and legs out into the cool air. It's so much fun...

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