Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Marking Time

We are not standing still. No. Not by a long shot. It may be hot but we are moving fast enough to not notice.

We got FiOS. Fiber Optic bla bla. When I got here a couple of weeks ago I couldn't even watch a great video download because it crawled along like I was on dial-up. I called into Verizon and asked what it would take to connect me to the zippy FiOS. Not bad, not much different, and if I discontinued a monthly fee for long distance I could save that on the monthly bill. Furthermore, I learned from the very pleasant woman on the other end that when we go back to Mexico we can put the whole phone, internet business on vacation and save 75%! Wow! Who knew? The deal now is that once I open iTunes the regular podcasts that I download are just moments from finishing. What a difference. I must really be careful to not get too quick to fall in love with some new music because I can own the album in moments. I bet I could even watch TV shows. Like Weeds if I missed an episode.

I wi
sh I could download Bella because I miss her.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Mamma Mia

I drove up to my home in California late last week. I brought along my cat and a friend that needed a ride up to Arizona. The border was a snap for me and the cat, but we were delayed as we waited for my friend to walk across. I have a "fast pass" and zip across pretty easily but she had to stand in a long line and it took longer than we figured. One of the gates was closed to people walking since the recent rains caused a sink hole in front of it. The sink hole was actually a tunnel that caved in. Don't ask me. I guess it was a drug tunnel, but I don't know. So, the trip took 13 and a half hours, instead of the normal 11. By the time we got to Gila Bend I stopped and bought a double-shot espresso and sailed the rest of the way home.
Now I'm in the land of plenty with movies and groceries and convenience. I went to Mamma Mia today and really enjoyed it. And I went and got a library card. My husband will be along in a couple of days so the girly stuff will come to an end. I think we are going to stay up here until hurricane season is over this year.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Taking pictures with my cell phone isn't always a planned event. So, I apologize.
I got to feed the herd last night and asked Bella to give me a hand, please. She thought that meant to taste each armload and be sure it was appropriate for our high society horses.
This is what you get when you try to take a picture of a moving target and don't have any idea what is centered.
Is Bella too plump? She'll grow into her baby-fat, right?
This was taken in Jan. '07. See the loose halter on this baby face? She was still a yearling.
Yesterday, at nearly 3.5 years old. Same halter, same hole. It's getting tight.
I guess I'll have to ride some of that fat off her.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Quiet Sunrise

I was sitting here watching the sunrise unfold and preparing to take a little walk with my husband, when I remembered it is the start of Badwater today. Our son is once again out there proving he can push the endurance limit. He hopes to finish in under 30 hours. Meanwhile, we walked all of 30 minutes and came in sweaty and bitchy. Humpf.
Son called a few minutes ago and said he will start in a few hours. He explained that the Elite runners start later when the sun gets meaner. He's awfully tough.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Coconuts, Mangos, Iguanas, Bananas, Tequila, Cruise Ships, Lightening, Sunburn, Music, Food, Agave
Jet Skis, Jungle, Muddy Rivers, Parachutes, Silver, Snakes, Mountains, Opulence, Movie Sets, Buses
Statues, Bandares Bay, T-shirt Shops, Talavera Tile, Ice Cream, Multi-lingual, Lichi Nuts, Fruit Stands
Mexican Highway, Mountainous Road, Jungle Canopy, Tour Buses, Water, Water, Water, Water, Wet Socks, Toll Roads, 1600 Miles

Wha'd I miss?