Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My First Horse

She was considered a "grade mare" or even a funny looking stage-coach horse by the other barn girls. We all decided she was a cross between a Belgian and a Quarter Horse. I didn't care what she was. I just wanted to be with her as much, as often, and as long as I could. I laughed along with my girlfriends as she extended her trot and refused to break into a nice collected canter. It tickled me to pieces that she would stand calmly as we girls talked our teen aged gossip and their thoroughbreds fidgeted and balked. Holly would do just about anything I asked, and I asked her to perform more like a $1000 horse than a $100 auction horse. She was a field horse, not a barn beauty. She was sound as a dollar and there were only two times we asked the vet to look at her. The first was when we pulled a 4 inch rusty nail out of her right fore and the second was when we asked the vet to stick his arm all the way into her to find out if she was pregnant. The nail produced no after effects and the pregnancy test produced a black filly some months later.
Holly jumped everything I pointed her at, and with her big gullumping stride we covered lots of ground in the hunt field. The one hunt class I entered her in was a disappointment due to 8 of us going clean and only 7 ribbons presented. It was beyond the judge to give us a nod as all the expensive horses circled around at the trot. We were the one team excused. It certainly wasn't Holly's fault, or even mine. We had practiced and practiced. It was more a sign of the times where the long and lovely horses were worshipped and the warm bloods were still considered plough horses.
To consider selling Holly to upgrade to a fancy horse was never a possibility, financially or emotionally. Holly was my horse. She was MY horse. I was her girl. We ate lunch together, her grazing on fresh spring grass while I sat backwards and used her big butt to spread out my sandwich and chips.
I learned some valuable life lessons with this mare. I learned alot about myself. She probably taught me more about patience than anything else in my life ever did. And she taught me to know that the nicest looking horse in the barn isn't necessarily the best.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

We were just gone a couple of days for Thanksgiving and were welcomed back this morning. I know, Again with the Sunrises?!!

I didn't have enough turkey and so will have to make one myself. I love a turkey dinner almost as much as a meatloaf dinner. Comfort food abounds.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Both of these lovely mares have passed on this year. Both were first horses for these lucky women on their backs. I think you might be able to see how comfortable they all are by the good seat position and tail set. The women loved and cared deeply for their mares and in return both got back total trust and loyality. It's never easy, but seems especially hard when such an honest partner in life is gone. Yesterday was our day to say good-bye to Champagne and the loss is felt by so many.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hip Hop/Rap

Can anyone help me with a song title and/or who the singer is? I only know a couple of the words but find the song pretty catchy and would like to add it to my iPod. There is something about a Supermodel and being built like a Coke bottle and then a lot of heavy breathing. I think. That might be in another song. I've heard the song maybe 4-5 times and have never heard the title. I've tried iTunes for help but still haven't come up with the right song.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Baby's First Daylight

See how little they are? Fa Goodness Sakes. I'm pleased as punch to see my little bananas out in the open.

I'm sure sorry if this is boring you to tears, but as a new fruity mother I just can't help sharing each and every new stage in development. (My daughter would die at all this but she doesn't know about this blog. Ha)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Sunrise Buffet

Long before sunrise today the fishermen were out in our bay. Seems they were successful due to the pelicans interest in the goings on.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Can you see that pod hanging in the shade? I think my banana is about to have bananas. I'm so proud. It has been putting out leaves all summer and finally, after thinking it was not able to produce, here comes a pod. We'll see if I ever really succeed in getting something to peel and put on my cereal.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ta Duh

I'm so proud of the voters of America for stepping up, for punching those chads all the way through, for somehow not letting the other side bully them out of their own decisions this time.

I figure the next scandel will be a Democrat doing something immoral. It's their turn, afterall. But I sincerely hope it isn't something scary and nasty but is instead something involving cash.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Damn it. See?

Profoundly anti-gay.

It gives me such a sick feeling to hear that anti-gay marriage venom, and I barely feel better about him getting caught because it's all so obvious.

I have gay girlfriends and boyfriends that have been in their long-term relationships for many years. I love them and I want to protect them from this kind of nastiness, but alas it is so much bigger than me.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Hasn't this been an interesting week with Halloween smack in the way on boring old Tuesday!? The Mexican kids have figured this scam out and dressed up in outfits and make-up, and ran the neighborhood yelling "Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!" ringing doorbells and otherwise acting like sugarloaded Spidermen and Princesses. I did my part of trying to explain that "trick-or-treat" was the correct way of begging candy but it seemed to fall on deaf ears since this "Halloween" yelling got results in the past.

I have wonderful memories of running my own neighborhood, receiving candy and crushing flowerbeds, and ending up with muddy shoes, grocery-store bags half loaded, and a pleased feeling that I could sustain myself on this loot for weeks!

Upwards and onwards to Thanksgiving.