Sunday, May 02, 2010

Bella-12 Hours Old

And my font size is almost bigger than her. 5 years ago and so much life lived.

We had the equine dentist out and Bella had her first ever real check-up. She had a lovely cocktail and then the scraping, pulling and adjusting commenced. Now, a few weeks later, she is much more comfortable without those troublesome wolf teeth getting banged by the bit. I had no idea the difference it would make. And, the dentist let me feel the "hooks" on her inside lower molars. Now I fully get the whole importance of floating regularly. Money well spent.

Oh, I saved the pulled teeth which are about the size of human bicuspids.


Maria said...

OMG isn't she so adorable. I can just imagine what's going through that little mind of hers looking out at the BIG world around her.
Glad all went well with the checkup.

Breathe said...

It's something else to see how much she's grown. Darn adorable.

Someone told me how bad the inside of a mustang's mouth is (never floated). I don't get why they have such painful things in their mouth!

Donna said...

Aw! I'm glad you have pics of her as a baby, I wish I had some baby pics of my mare. I have to get Missy's teeth floated like clockwork every six months or she becomes basically unrideable. It's not a pretty sight or fun for anyone but like you said, money well spent.

Rising Rainbow said...

Baby pics of Bella, how sweet!!!

Hooks are bad, that's for sure. Glad to hear her wolf teeth are history.

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