Monday, September 14, 2009

More Hurricanes

Our cat, Floyd, turned 10 this weekend. The little feral Plain Jane has lived his extra lives to the fullest and can now live as a senior citizen with his senior citizen hosts.

10 years ago this week Hurricane Floyd wrecked havoc along the eastern seaboard, causing millions of dollars in damage with unrelenting rain and then flooding in Eastern North Carolina, our cat's birthplace. The island where he was born was evacuated when it looked like the approaching hurricane could be a problem.

When residents returned to the island after the worst of the storm passed, our good friend found this little rat in the middle of the road, abandoned by his mother before his eyes were even opened. Ray fed him from an eye-dropper, taught him to use a litter box properly, and turned him over to the other house cats for proper attitude adjustments.

Late in October of that year, my husband and I were back there having a little vacation in our beach house on the same street as Ray. We had lost one of our two rescue cats a few months before to a birth defect, and the surviving cat was still lost without his brother.

Ray was completely smitten with this little Floyd who would ride in the car right on his shoulder. Ray's wife was beside herself with an overabundance of cats they were already living with and gave Ray the ultimatum of culling the herd, or she would.

Lucky for us! We weren't really in the market but it seemed like Floyd might just be the perfect companion for our lonely Chester back in California. Floyd had whatever shots a 6 week old cat can have, and I purchased a soft-sided carrier so I could take him on the plane like a piece of carry-on luggage. The rule was something like the pet had to be 9 weeks old to fly so we lied and took him anyway.

Chester welcomed Floyd with open paws and started right in showing him the territory he would be responsible for in our housing development. Before we knew it, we had two roving bird and rodent and goldfish (or koi) murderers.

There is more to Floyd's story.


photogchic said...

May Floyd have many more murdering years!

Donna said...

The pics on my post about my little kitty friend were just pulled from art sites, I will have to post some of the few pics I have of Abby. My new little friend does look like your Floyd though!

Molly said...

Photogchic, He has slowed down quite a bit, but can't seem to resist a lazy lizard occasionally.

Donna, Those were some sweet pics. What shall we name this new cat?

Carolynn said...

This is a sweet story. I'm suffering from feline withdrawal at the moment. Floyd is a sweetie. I'm sure the butler did it.