Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mama Baby

This little mare was my #2 horse. She was my first horse's baby, probably # 6 foal or something. Her daddy was supposedly a son of Poco Bueno. That's a straight line to the big guy. She was born in August of '64, when I was gone. About 12 years later I repossessed her and enjoyed her spirit and willingness until I had to sell her 5 years later. She was your typical little bitchy mare and I loved every minute of her attitude.

She never had the chance to reach her potential, yet she was a fine, flashy ride. She turned heads when we rode along the roads. I still miss her.

I was up in Monterey last week and had the pleasure of visiting my friend who is riding a beautiful Hanoverian mare for a woman. This is one of those perfect examples of a very well trained horse with abilities that have been tapped beyond Dressage. She has not exactly reached her potential but has had every opportunity to with wonderful schooling. She is jumping and showing and enjoying life at a lovely barn. I watched her float through transitions.

Of course reaching potential is not what owning a horse is supposed to be. You should be able to enjoy your horse without keeping it in training, trying to find everything the horse is capable of doing. Sometimes just keeping them healthy and happy is enough.


photogchic said...

Pretty little mare...I still miss my old gelding too, my little ponies as well. They leave little hoof prints all over your heart you just can't ever fill:-)

Molly said...

Photogchic that is so true. They teach us without giving lessons. They get us ready for the next horse in our lives without us being aware. Those little hoof prints make us ache for them again.

Carolynn said...

Amen. All work and no play makes for a pretty lackluster existence for everyone. I love all the horses I've been around, even, or perhaps especially, the ones that frightened me most in the beginning.

Maria said...

healthy & happy that's what makes me happy

Donna said...

I really have no intention of showing my mare, I still have so much to learn and so does she and I don't think either of us will benefit from adding in the stress of being judged. I will be happier, however, if I can get her out of the arena and feel like I can actually GO somewhere, I long to use her as transportation, as weird as that sounds.

Anonymous said...

These are just flat-out beautiful animals. The photos are stunning.

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