Monday, March 23, 2009

The dreaded cell phone pictures again.

Gary and Bella went out in the desert for a ride with friendly Larry on Rubio. My girl was quite pooped after cantering in circles and then walking with her buddies. So much stimulation.
I didn't take another picture of how lovely she was after rolling in the poop pile after being unsaddled.


Carolynn said...

I'm sure Bella is having a great time. Excellent photo from a cellphone, too.

C-ingspots said...

Your pics of Bella show how relaxed she is looking. She is a beautifiul girl! Gary seems to be doing a very nice job with her. She just keeps getting better and better.

smellshorsey said...

Sometimes cell phone photos are better than what I can do with my "real" camera.

Seems like all I get is the tail disappearing off the screen while there's nothing over the jump but dust.

Looks like a fun ride. Maybe you can join them next time.

Rising Rainbow said...

What is it about the poop pile that horses find so compelling. LOL