Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Taking pictures with my cell phone isn't always a planned event. So, I apologize.
I got to feed the herd last night and asked Bella to give me a hand, please. She thought that meant to taste each armload and be sure it was appropriate for our high society horses.
This is what you get when you try to take a picture of a moving target and don't have any idea what is centered.
Is Bella too plump? She'll grow into her baby-fat, right?
This was taken in Jan. '07. See the loose halter on this baby face? She was still a yearling.
Yesterday, at nearly 3.5 years old. Same halter, same hole. It's getting tight.
I guess I'll have to ride some of that fat off her.


Carolynn said...

I love her! And those are excellent photos from a cell phone. Is this your horse? Where do you keep her?

Molly said...

That's my baby:) I keep her out at a little family farm about 4 miles away from my house. She was born there, and her mother lives there along with her little sister and some others. It's what she knows.

Mrs Mom said...

Miss Molly- Bella is a beauty. Is she a Paso?

Molly said...

Bella's mom is a little paint quarter horse. Her dad is a beautiful little dapple gray Andalusian.

Flying Lily said...

She looks gorgeous! As the owner of one horse who tends to be on the plumper end of the spectrum, I prefer the word 'sleek'. :) But seriously she looks good.

Pony Girl said...

She's such a pretty girl! And by the way, those pictures on your cell phone turned out really good!

My Boy is on the plumper end of the spectrum fact, my vet said he does NOT need to put on any more weight! Oops!

smellshorsey said...

People ask if Lucy is in foal. Lucy is shameless, sashaying around the pasture, swinging her voluptuous (now that's a stretch for a word) rump and belly as though she were a runway model in the latest fashion. I worry about her feet and legs carrying all that weight but I keep feeding her. Even with the price of hay.

Why? Because she demands it.