Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Ami tagged me to tell these very interesting facts about me. There might be a quiz later so stay awake and take notes.

A. Attached or Single-I'm married and have been forever

B. Best friend- Sue. She's been my friend since even before I met my husband!

C. Cake or Pie- YES. ok ok, cake I guess.

D. Day of Choice- Thursday, it's right before Friday!

E. Essential item- Tweezers

F. Flavor of Ice Cream- Butter Pecan

G. Gummy bears or Worms- Gummy bears, but I love sour worms

H. Hometown- Atherton

I. Indulgences- My horse

J. January or July- July

K. Kids- 2

L. Last movie I saw in a theatre- Made of Honor (not so bad)

M. This one was missing so let's make one up...Magic Kingdom or Sea
World- Sea World

N. Number of siblings- 2

O. Oranges or Apples- Apples

P. Phobias or Fears- Heights, or falling

Q. Quote- "...bite off the nose to spite the face"

R. Reasons to smile- A really nice deli sandwich

S. Season- Spring

T. Tag-(only if you want to) Pony Girl and Mud Ranch

U. Unknown fact about me- I have seen Milli Vanilli in concert

V. Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals- Meat Eater

W. Worst Habit- Leaving the dishes until morning

X. X-Rays or Ultrasounds- X-rays

Y. Your favorite food- Pasta

Z. Zodiac- Aries


Rising Rainbow said...

Milli Vanilli, now that made me laugh! Don't know why I've always laughed at that name and then they kind of lived up to it which doubles my fun. lol

Molly said...

Naturally that was my favorite answer. The "concert" was pretty darn good too, but who knew?