Thursday, May 01, 2008

Road Trip

That's not my picture. But take away the clouds and it could be.

We were up in California at our abandoned home where new tile had just been installed. I spent days and days on my knees cleaning and organizing my furniture back to where it should be. Oh, and dust! So much dust. It all had to be scrapped and blown off of everything. Hey, I found out you can use the air can for your keyboard to blow dust off everything. That does put it back into the air, however, and then it will settle somewhere else. But for little nooks you can't get to the air can is perfect.

Back down here gas prices are steady at around $2.60something and the stores aren't short on rice.

I have yet another trip back up in a few weeks to check out the new carpet we ordered for the bedrooms. I just wish I could make it on one tank of gas.


Rising Rainbow said...

I don't even want to think about fuel prices. The cost of going to horse shows this year is going to be staggering. I'm really not looking forward to the impact on my pocket book.

20 meter circle of life said...

I am with Mikael, I will not be showing nearly as much this year due to fuel costs.

Molly said...

It's really terrible. We get news down here from the states but when you are in the middle of feeling the pinch it certainly smacks you. And then you wonder how it all works with Mexico being stable and the US having shortages and rising prices.

Anne said...

I think I'll drive down there to fill up!

No rice shortage here, either. What is that about? I'm just glad horses don't eat rice.

I've missed something. Why is your house abandoned? Where do you consider home?

Molly said...

Hi Anne,

We consider our Mexican house #1 'Home' but also have a home in California. It's just not visited very often so I consider it abandoned. It's in the California desert and I miss it when I'm away for longer than a couple of months.