Sunday, November 11, 2007


How many miles have I driven through the desert? Alone?


I came up out of Mexico last week and drove another 700 miles through desert all the way to more desert. California desert, Arizona desert, Mexican desert. All pretty empty.

I made it all the way up here and then? Then my car thermometer went into the hot range. Across the street from the Nissan dealer.

The radiator has been replaced and, other than my now-empty wallet, there has been no stress.

I am a lucky old lady.

Oh, speaking of that old business, my very best friend from when we rode stick horses together mentioned in our little online chat today that we have been friends for 50 years now. Holy Moley.


photogchic said...

My oldest friends are around the 20 year mark. What a true test of time, and how amazing to share 50 years of friendship with someone. Riding stick horses together must have been the "glue" that kept you two together:-)

I Gallop On said...

Whoa. You are lucky. Good car!


Anonymous said...

My oldest friendship is from almost thirty years ago. We don't see each other that often -maybe twice a year but it's like we haven't been apart when we do see one another -we just pick up wherever we've left off. I think of it as a golden friendship from that old Girl Scout song - make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.


Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, that was great timing if you had to have something go wrong.