Friday, July 06, 2007

I just got a new phone (pink, razr, the one everyone bought ages ago) and I wanted Bella on it. I think my real camera does a better job. So, I've figured out how to send pictures back and forth via Bluetooth with my computer. The quality of the phone camera is different, of course, but one out of ten pictures turns out almost useable. It might help if I would put my glasses on so I could actually see what I'm taking.

I can't believe Bella has so much forelock. I suppose I should braid it, but whenever I do I get teased about these not being California horses. Mexican horses do not have a bridle path, so after I mentioned my clippers once to Diane and got a sniff in response, I put them back in the drawer. I will say however, that since I've been giving Bella suppliments and daily brushing since around last October, she is the one horse that has the softest coat and combed out tail. Some of it is her breeding, some from attention. I'm slipping Pony, her mother, a little grooming and tail combing, and putting Swat on her belly-sore from fly bites. Pony's tail is almost hopeless with such a mess of dreadlocks. Little by little, stroke by stroke, maybe I'll make some headway. Before we know it they'll all look like show ponies. Cowboy Magic anyone?



Donna said...

Personally I like my cameras to take pictures and my phones to make phone calls, I'm a simple kinda girl like that. I love the long forelock! When people at my barn cut them their poor horses look like 6 year-olds that tried to cut their own bangs. She's perfect just the way she is.

Rising Rainbow said...

OK, how did you send pics via blue tooth. I'm so computer stupid! I know I'm supposed to have capabilites with my phone etc but haven't a clue how to use them.

Love the pic!

Rising Rainbow said...

Oops, forget to mention, I don't clip bridlepaths on my broodmares. Also, when I'm doing show clips for my open house, if the horse doesn't have a bridle path clipped, then I don't clip the insides of their ears.

Tee Hee, now you know why my broodmares don't have bridlepaths clipped. The poor girls think being all show clipped, grommed and bathed etc, not to mention, SHOWN, at my open house is beneath them anyway. I give them a break and leave their ears alone.

Molly said...

MiKael, you have to have bluetooth on your computer so your phone and computer can communicate. Bluetooth has to be turned on on both devices and they have to be set to recognize or "discover" each other. Then, it's just easy to tell them what to transfer. It's like other file transfers but wireless, and you don't have to point them at one another.
Did that help?