Saturday, March 10, 2007

This is the month of visits. I love it and today I have a day alone to be so happy about all my family and friends I get to play with. When I'm in the middle of a visitor there's no time to think because there's so much to say.
I rode across the border with a friend this time. It is such a different trip when someone else is there to chat with and be concerned about their comfort. It's better for me because I tend to only stop for gas and restroom breaks when traveling alone. I usually boil a few eggs to snack on and take something like fruit or crackers. When driving back into the states from Mexico you aren't allowed to cross the border with any fruit so that is either consumed before the border or discarded at the last pit stop.
Back to my visitors. I got here to my alternate home on Friday and two hours later my daughter arrived. Great fun to be welcomed by my lovely girl. We had a quiet weekend while we both unwound from our respective trips. We watched DVD's and slept and chatted up a storm. She left early on Monday and I replaced the sheets and towels in time for my close old friend to arrive for her two day visit. Tons of talking and sharing, eating and a little gardening. I cleaned up after she left and my sister arrived for a couple of nights. It's always intense when Susan comes out to relax and rebuild her energy. We are in constant touch thanks to Google Chat and email, but we never run out of important political discussions and what to wear with that blouse.
Now I've got a semi-clean house as I prepare to go meet my best old friend in Scottsdale for a Spring Training game. I'm dragging her back with me to Mexico so she can help me kayak while the weather is so perfect and the water is smooth.
After she flies back out, my other sister is coming down with her daughter and family. That just about finishes the month.
It's all so wonderful and full.
It's one month of so many important people in my life.
It will feel like a dream in April when it's all over and I settle back into the routine of quiet Mexican village life.