Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy House

Our friends and their friends came for a visit. Our friends brought their dogs, two darling and lively Cocker Spaniels. Our cats are sticking pretty close to the safety of their upstairs. Floyd has to do the occasional wall-walk, tail flip, in-your-face stretch which puts the whole animal tantrum in full swing. Can't we all just get along?

Dinner last night was so much fun with Carne Asada until our tortillas runneth over. Tonight will be multiple choices of shrimp dishes. We will go buy our jumbo shrimp later this morning when the shrimpers are in port. Meanwhile, we've replenished our cupboards with all the good stuff these guys were sweet enough to bring down to us. The wine was amazing but this morning it looks like the red is too popular and we'll be suffering with beer tonight. Beer and shrimp. Yes, that works.

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Donna said...

Despite living in a beautiful area, we find it's difficult to get people to make the trek to our house, so when we do have people here it changes the whole feel of the place! Enjoy your feast.