Saturday, November 04, 2006

Damn it. See?

Profoundly anti-gay.

It gives me such a sick feeling to hear that anti-gay marriage venom, and I barely feel better about him getting caught because it's all so obvious.

I have gay girlfriends and boyfriends that have been in their long-term relationships for many years. I love them and I want to protect them from this kind of nastiness, but alas it is so much bigger than me.


Donna said...

Hypocrisy is never pretty, and this time it's particularly ugly.

I Gallop On said...

I think the type of repressed ideology that this guy espouses leads to this type of fall.

My sister, who is a lesbian and whose been in a committed relationship for many many years, has been on the receiving end of the type of hate that these types of er ... Christians ... dole out left and right, not thinking about who they are harming. And I have seen my sister hurt by their comments and actions too many times.

Gay bashers piss me off. Big time. But it is all bigger than me. Maybe this will be a life-changing, growth moment for this guy. Perhaps he'll learn some compassion.


Molly said...

Kimberly and Donna,
Thanks so much for your comments. I can't stand that Black/White and nothing in-between thinking. The hypocrisy is frustrating enough, but when peoples' lives are controlled by liers like this man it makes me swallow my screams.